The Turkey is ready!

Its finally done! This project has been a nightmare but nothing in life is easy, especially if it gets you further in life! Now to start on the billion other projects I need to complete! Work hard, play hard am I right? I have posted below the sketches and the final pdf’s. I look forward to hearing your feedback!



Turkey Sketches


90 Minute Turkey Recipe

So, in regards to my most current topic (art), I am going to discuss about my most current assignment in my Graphic Design & Advertising degree. Currently right now, I am working on this assignment about a 90 Minute Turkey Recipe. For those of you who are procrastinators like myself, this recipe is super helpful!

This assignment has been pretty confusing. First,  the instructions given to me by my professor were unclear and thus because of this, I was unable to submit my sketches in a timely fashion. With that being said, I have attached my sketches below so that you may see them and give me feedback! I was unable to get feedback from my classmates and would very much appreciate your thoughts! So far, I have created a 3D open book in illustrator for this magazine spread that I am supposed to create.


I hope you enjoy!

Back at it again!

I hope you guys missed me! Don’t worry, I am going to keep this post short and sweet. Starting today, I am going to start blogging about anything that has to do with art! As I stated in the past, this blog is to be about anything and everything! With that being said, I am starting my first topic, Art! I want everyone who reads this blog to be informed and/or learn something new!

For example, how I approach the graphic/web design process would be:

  • Gather information
  • Sketch out ideas
  • Create roughs from sketches
  • Create digital compositions
    • (Discuss with clientele about progress)
  • Create final composition
    • (Discuss any last minute changes with clientele)
  • Clean up/finish
  • Send to clientele