DV-US — Up & Coming! How they’ve gotten where they are now.

Today, the EDM industry is in full blossom. It has gained a significant amount of attention within the past 3 years. This has influenced a lot of local artists to come out of their shell and share their art with the world. Sean Bannard, member of DV-US a EDM duo group based out of Raleigh, NC sat down with me to share how they have gotten where they are today.

  • What Social Media channels do you guys use?

– We use Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • How much time do you guys collectively spend each week on Social Media Marketing?

– Collectively, about 40 hours a week if not even more.

  • How do you both engage visitors to participate and share your content?

– We do contests, give out incentives based on the number of followers/likes we get, we post memes, and also post live footage of our shows and other random funny content.

  • How does this social media engagement benefit the you both?

– It benefits us because it gains us followers, allows us to connect with a wide range of people in this industry and other industries, and also allows us to get more bookings.

  • How does this social media engagement benefit your audience?

– They receive free merchandise, allows them to keep in contact with us/gives them insight to our next show.

So for those of you who are in the EDM industry, how have you gained your success? I am truly interested in hearing some other point of views!


Why Sunscreen?

Being a redhead, the sun is one of your biggest enemies. While enjoying my summer afternoon, I realized that a lot of people don’t wear sunscreen.. Why is it do you think? Because of its smell? Maybe it is because it leaves you looking whiter than you were before. Although I more than anyone understand the love/hate relationship that is associated with sunscreen, it is very important to wear it. With that being said, I think you all would benefit from reading this article by Melinda Ayre http://www.bodyandsoul.com.au/beauty/news+reviews/the+importance+of+wearing+sunscreen,10661

Sunscreen may not be your best friend, but the more you use it, the more you’ll start to love it!